Cape Town Escort Service

Cape Town Escort Services provide the ideal way to live out your fantasies and fetishes. Their exotic sex workers are available for every need imaginable – from dinner and drinks with sensual massages or sexual encounters to business meetings or trade shows where escorts may even specialize in anal or role play activities.

Find them at any city’s downtown strip club, sex bar or brothel. Many escorts are college students looking for extra income while studying in the city; others may have part-time dancer jobs like lap dancer or dancer duties. As well as looking good, these sex workers are intelligent and well educated – many bisexual as well with good English command so as to communicate effectively with clients from all over the world – making them popular choices among foreign business travelers.

Even though most forms of sex work are illegal in South Africa, many women make their livelihood as prostitutes. Many come from economically distressed areas who need additional income through prostitution to survive. Price gouging by offering lower prices than competitors to win clientele and market share often backfires, driving down its value over time and making it harder for prostitutes to sustain a living as prostitutes.

Cape Town offers numerous sex services. Some escorts operate independently and provide incall and outcall sex; while others work for professional escort agencies that employ them for clients in their homes or hotels. Experienced agency-employed sex workers tend to provide superior services than street whores while being more discreet than attending hookup bars or clubs.

Cape Town escorts sex workers hail primarily from indigenous communities such as Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho groups. Additionally, the country’s largest population of mixed race people with Dutch and Khoi-san heritage – mostly resident in Cape Town – makes up much of its workforce in terms of sex workers.

Cape Town is home to an extensive population of male sex workers. While most can be found working in brothels and sex clubs, some also operate as independent contractors or private sex workers. Many are young and attractive with great physiques and natural sense of humor, as well as highly educated and intelligent; often speaking multiple languages fluently – some even match female counterparts when it comes to sexual arousal! Most reside in urban areas while some come from rural ones. Their average hourly pay varies between R200 ($30); much lower compared with other cities but still enough to support a family within Cape Town’s confines.