Escorts in Turkey

Turkey is an attractive tourist destination with stunning weather, delicious food and vibrant nightlife – as well as boasting a rich history and some of the world’s most stunning natural beauty. However, visitors might not be aware of some lesser known aspects of Turkish life, including its flourishing sex industry.

Prostitution may be illegal in Turkey, yet sexual services remain widespread across its cities and countryside. Sex work can be found at numerous sex clubs, brothels, lap dance bars, escort agencies and call girl agencies; women employed here are commonly known as escorts although some may also refer to themselves as sex workers or simply call girls; some escorts in Turkey hold legal permission to provide sexual services while many do not.

Many independent sex workers operate as independent Turkey escorts, offering various services from sex nights to companionship. Some provide private locations for clients to meet, while others use mobile applications which accept bookings through text messages or Instagram and even allow clients to schedule sessions ahead of time.

So as a result, Istanbul escort boasts thousands of sex workers with many having websites or social media pages dedicated to their services. While well regulated, police frequently crackdown on escorts operating without license.

Escorts in Turkey provide a range of services, from sexual encounters to simply companionship. Many escorts do not advertise their services but some do on websites or local classified ad sites.

Turkey’s sex industry is more heavily regulated than many other nations, yet still not completely under government control. There are some sex clubs and bordellos located in major cities; however, most people engaging in sexual services do so on the street where authorities cannot monitor them. Sexers like Suzan – an attractive voluptuous woman aged 50 with dyed blonde locks and an inviting smile who rents rooms within homes or apartments they own themselves – run their own businesses by renting rooms in these buildings they own themselves.

Others work for established sex companies that rent rooms from hotels, screening them through police and governing bodies before being granted licenses by police and regulatory bodies. But since Islamist-rooted AKP party’s rise, licensed sex companies have decreased, with some shutting down altogether; Suzan and her colleagues must adapt quickly as customer demand keeps increasing; her phone rings every 15 minutes with customer inquiries or requests from foreign businessmen or drunk men looking to end their nights with something memorable – she says.